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January 18, 2017


Real Barrier Care, developed by skin barrier experts, strengthens weakened skin barrier with its MLE, Multi Lamellar Emulsion Formula, Real Barrier Formula. It is suited for all the different types of skin, especially both severely dry and sensitive skin. 


The Optimal Skin Barrier solution with MLE Real Barrier helps to recover the dry & sensitive skin to the healthy skin by controlling sufficient moisture amounts in skin, and protecting skin from the allergens or microbes outside. 


The MLE technology is: 


1. The global #1 patented Skin Barrier technology, which regenerates the perfect lamellar structure of the healthy human skin.


2. Has been globally recognized with patents from Korea, USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Europe since the first development in 1997.


3. The perfect solution with the fast recovery of damaged skin barrier, and with the long lasting effects.


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