July Feature: Lacrimilla Eye Drops

July 19, 2018



 Lacrimilla Eye Drops can be used for: 


  • Irritation of the outer surface of the eyeball.

  • Conjunctivitis ( inflammation of eyeball membrane and inner part of eyelids)

  • Dry eyes

  • Fatigue and redness of the eyes

  • External agents irritation, both direct (air pollution, pollen, low humidity, wind, cold weather, intensive solar radiation, use of contact lenses) and indirect (use of computers, watching TV, prolonged reading, driving).


Active Ingredients (extracted through a distillation process):


  • Euphrasia officinalis distilled water

  • Arnica Montana distilled water

  • Ruta graveolens distilled water

  • Chamomilla vulgaris distilled water

  • Bryonia alba distilled water





Instructions for use:


  • Sterile single dose vials

  • 1-2drops in each eyes twice or three times a day


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